Why Pilates? Give it a Try

Pilates is Versatile

Pilates has the ability to offer us a unique depth and quality of movement. This can achieve a wide variety of results depending on your goals. The movements and equipment allow for a full exploration of the body in motion, stabilization, and even allows for aided movement and support wherever needed. The versatility of Pilates is what makes teaching it and using it to reveal human potential a true joy. If you can imagine a movement system that would fit all your restrictions as well as push you past your own expectations, Pilates is it!

Everyone can experience the benefits of knowing their body through deliberate Pilates as a mindful exercise.

Because of this Pilates can improve your comfort level while living with Scoliosis as well. Let’s look at how mindful movement might help anyone connect with their body and include scoliosis.

Step 1

Beginning this journey toward scoliosis safe Pilates also offers a personal experience of what the Pilates world calls body awareness.

Making any changes to your body can start from the inside out. We begin by moving slowly and learning to sense your alignment during your first experiences with Pilates.

Step 2

Next, there are gentle exercises that help people get to know your body’s muscular strategies during exercise. This is exciting because these discoveries help to reveal simple solutions to exercising comfortably! Examples of questions during this step are: What positions bring you comfort? Can you feel where your curves are located? What movements irritate your body? What is your endurance like on a daily basis?

As you can see mentioning our postural strategies will help us learn which muscles to stretch and which to strengthen.

Step 3

Now, in this step we will think about our mindset is our greatest asset!

Once we analyze your body’s muscular strategies we need to learn to listen to the body. Its feedback will help us learn to make adjustments as needed, during movements. This also helps us from feeling victim to any unknowns or fear. You body has can ease aware its own tension when we respectfully observe our bodies needs.

Once you have this skill you can attentively increase exercises like modified pilates, subtle stretches, and create positive mind-body connections. This will allow you to learn what works for you and how to mindfully manage discomfort and fear that might accompany it.

Using myself as an example, I have a thoracolumbar curve and a compensatory higher thoracic curve that are serious enough that I am a candidate for surgery. I use my mind-body practice of Pilates outside the studio to embrace where my body is in each moment and create the brave path toward feeling better.

You’re Ready

Pilates is an honest body informing method when used mindfully. It can provide direction to your wellness practices. You will build a new body and mind awareness that is so rewarding! Your new awareness can be a gift that will offer you alignment, ease, balance, and joy.

I look forward to working with you!