Pilates Session What to Expect

1. Client History and Postural Assesment

At your Pilates appointment your history and Posture assessment are our first step. You can plan on discussing any injuries and modifications you know you already require.

I will ask you to try specific Pilates based postures in static positions. Pilates is wonderful for postural awareness. I know assessment should be fun so I keep this to the fun and to the point. I’m a ” teach from what they already know” style teacher and never use a strict or critical approach. Movement should be fun. 

2.  Introduction of Pilates Positions and Healthy Human Movement 

To evaluate what type of balanced approach will work best for your goals we will be trying out some introduction movements so I can lear how you move. This will bebased on appropriate skill level from beginner to advanced. These movements will determine your mobility needs, strengthening areas,  and reveal specifics for me concerning release or stretch work for your routine.

Some of these positions may resolve things you thought were bigger issues or always wondered about.

Observing movement is my specialty. Helping you discover how to move efficiently with comfort is my ambition.  It’s not uncommon to solve questions and some discomfort in the consultation or first session.It is also common for athletic clients to decide they would like to master the individual Pilates exercises and begin a challange of work their way through the  Pilates repitoire.

 Before each future appointment we will factor in your history, how you are feeling that day, and any other exercise or bodywork you are participating in. 

All of this helps me create a recorded history for your progress!

3. Pilates Breath Work 

As you move on of the other main factors in your ability to challenge your body for strength or relax your body is your skill level in using your breath. 

One of the lesser-known benefits of Pilates is the breathing skills it offers the body! 

  • There are specific ways we can use our breath to bring comfort to our bodies, strengthen our bodies, and release stress in the body. And I will be helping you optimize this aspect of your life. 


BRIEF EVALUATION – Brief catch up on any recent exercise or bodywork. 

DELIBERATE FLOW Deliberate Pilates with a pattern of movements that will include pausing and adjusting posture.

STRETCHING – Isometric stretching or fascial stretching using Pilates Postures.

PILATES  –  Pilates exercises for a deep and challenging workout

SMART SPINES offer movement ease and fluidity that has lasting effects. Their warmth also helps increase proprioception.

By the end of your session, you feel the benefits of challenging your body, getting to know your alignment, connecting with your breath,  and releasing muscle imbalance.


I am very passionate about helping clients living with Scoliosis learn how to live comfortably and active lives. 

ASSESSMENT – Analysis of the lateral deviations and rotation patterns of the spine in relationship to the entire body.

SMART SPINE BREATHWORK – Smart Spine System protocol for helping clients learn Core Connections & Scoliosis movement.

SPINE SELF CORRECTIONS – Learning to maintain postural muscular adjustments during movement or poses will improve overall posture and body control. Aiding clients in defying our greatest goal of standing tall & with ease in the midst of gravity.

PILATES MODIFIED – Pilates Principles applied to safe biomechanics for Scoliosis


I do not claim to “correct” scoliosis curves.  Scoliosis is a dynamic posture, and muscle control is essential to living with scoliosis. My goal is to help clients learn breathing, stretching, and strengthening that is safe and can have a reduction in the rotations that effect the Cobb angle. I have experienced this in my own spine. These rotations vary depending on a persons routine in life, and learning to manage “tightness” and “posture” and gaining body awareness is a tremendous effort that can help manage body discomfort.

Personal dedication and awareness will determine benefit. I focus on making my clients their own experts by sharing all the I can with them and in turn giving them the physical language their mindbody has been looking for.

 There are various types of scoliosis and not all respond the same way.

*I will always refer any cases beyond my scope of practice to local Physical Therapy specializing in scoliosis care with SEAS and Schroth method certifications. 


Research has provided solid feedback and movement professionals have helped realize the potential within the body to create positive compensation patterns.

SOSORT has established research based standards for treatment and curve reduction for scoliosis. Please read

Please contact me with any further questions regarding my experience with scoliosis.