Celebrating The Spine With Pebbles Pilates

Celebrating the body, the spine, and

Pebbles Pilates Capri Jumpsuit!

Pilates&Scoliosis is all about celebrating people with unique alignment by empowering their bodies.

Pilates Fashion Example

Pilates Sports Wear by Pebbles Pilates

Pilates is a powerful movement system and I love helping people discover it for their growth and healing. I am personally drawn to its strength, creativity, and awareness development.

In my work, I have a mission to make Scoliosis more understood for individuals and our greater community. Using this focus in my life has allowed me to share more about living with endurance with my spine. My work has also connected me with other people around the world who are passionate about Pilates!

The Pilates community is an inspiring global network and I was so delighted to meet Helena Alexandra, founder of pebbles pilates, through the beauty of social media. Helena’s business is definitely inspiring and so is her story. Check out her story HERE about how her scoliosis led her to Pilates!

As an artist, I love unique and thoughtful design. And as a mover, I love experiencing that design.

With celebrating the spine in mind I wanted to share with you how much I’m loving Pebbles Pilates Capri Jumpsuit that features the beauty of the spine.

Moving comfortably is so enjoyable when seams, straps, and fabric are aiding your alignment instead of causing issues in your workout. Sportswear and feeling balanced can actually be very difficult for my body. I probably go on the hunt for the perfect sports top once a month, and I should probably add leggings to that list as well.

Essentially, I’m always looking for the curvy spine inclusive sportswear.

We all have those pieces we wear that won’t hinder our focus and allow us to be in the zone, and this Capri Jumpsuit is my latest favorite. Athletic wear has quite a high bar these days: longevity, enhancing seams, gentle on the body yet performing as well as we need when we’re moving through our Pilates Practice.

Top features I love about the PebblesPilates Capri Jumpsuit

  1. The fabric is light weight and durable

  2. No thick seams, anywhere! The fabric feels like one unit and this means hours of wear with no discomfort

  3. The stretch is just stretchy enough & still fitted

  4. This piece moves with the body not against it

  5. The straps and torso are extremely comfortable

  6. The open back feels great & offers a clear visual understanding of the spine for instructors

  7. Made with intentional design for my intentional modality.

A massive thank you to Helena Alexandra the creator of this sportswear company for her love of Pilates and her thoughtful design to this piece!

Be sure to check out https://pebblespilates.com/ and learn about studios and instructors from around the world so you can keep your practice going while you travel!


Pebbles Pilates Capri Jumpsuit


I love working with photographer Sarah Wolfe for photos! She is @swolfephoto She is fantastic and so talented. You can catch her in Seattle or during her travels to grab a session.