Online Pilates Training through 2021

Online Sessions

The Way Forward for Pilates&Scoliosis



Hello Everyone, I hope you are healthy and keeping safe during the last few months while the world has been experiencing so much.

I wanted to share that like all of you I am adjusting to the new normal of working remotely and restructuring Pilates&Scoliosis.

As a small independent business, I have always enjoyed the flexibility of my work model and this model has proved to be my best comfort during this health crisis in the States. I have been able to continue working online with clients who were comfortable working out in online sessions.  This online teaching avenue has also opened new doors for me, as I have begun working with clients all over the nation and world! This has been exciting and demanding. I am thrilled to be teaching internationally and helping people discover how to move efficiently with scoliosis by finding more awareness in their bodies! What is even more exciting are the results each of you are finding in your bodies.  Coaching and direction are tools, but I can not explain the magic I experience when I see you achieving the autonomy that builds deep body intelligence.

Through online sessions I have seen:

all those “Aha moments” we love in the studio

watched people use practical home props and develop autonomy from “equipment”

take extra steps to get to know their own alignment

commitment to a more regular practice schedule

achieve goals of balance, strengthening, pain management

And I do not want to forget to include bonuses like no need to commute, more affordable pricing, and even sharing with family or friends that mindful movement applies to everyone.

With my online teaching model, I am noticing more and more results for people who are taking charge of their wellness and following the formats I am suggesting in combination with their own discretion. Assisting clients to develop personal awareness and strong inner self-will is my highest goal, so I am very excited to see the work each of you are putting into your growth and self-care!

With these hopeful developments happening among the current health climate we all have reason to be positive as we look forward! For your health and for the continued ability for myself to teach safely I will be moving my teaching fully online.

For how long you might ask?  I am building to become a permanent online training resource and closing my onsite location until the pandemic is under control in the States. This could mean it will be 2021 before I am safely teaching in person.

I have used this time of stillness to study and add thoughtful resources to enhance my teaching. I will be sharing with you affordable tools you can add to your private training tool kit and really make the most of your sessions and home practice…. stay tuned for more on these additions will be in the next blog.

Be well!