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Uniting Your Body & Center of Gravity

This Mini-Course is a 30 – min presentation of Laura walking you through a short slide presentation that covers a protocol she loves to use to restore a sense of balance, ease, breath, and a lightness of body.


  • Laura will discuss a clients alignment from start to finish through the protocol
  • She will also cover how this protocol is different for Scoliosis clients due to multiple convexities and concavities in the body that alter the ability to flex and extend.  * hint, flexion, and extension outside functional ability should be avoided for Scoliosis.
  • This course is a great way to see if you would like to work with Laura.
  • you keep this course forever after the purchase.
  • The discussion level is appropriate for all levels, with the goal of making this movement practice approachable for clients and teachers!
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Scoliosis Workbook + 3  1 on 1 learning sessions with Laura on Zoom.

The Scoliosis training is tailored to your current level of understanding of Scoliosis and geared toward helping discover growth in areas of understanding where you are needing more opportunities to focus. Laura’s helps provide an experience of conceptual & practical movement strategies to recharge your work with clients living with Scoliosis.

You will gain:

  • A refreshed gentle approach toward interviews, assessments, Do’s/Don’t to be aware of and functioning solidly in your scope of practice.
  • Understanding of spring tension loads for clients with Scoliosis so you avoid injury and promote lengthen & strength around the spine
  •  Develop a focus on customized sessions instead of relying on a “one size fits all” method,
  • Learn to see the body with Scoliosis as an integrative whole,
  • Learn to use the Pilates exercises and new introductory movements to create testing and balance for the body and work through the effects of scoliosis
  •  Learn to utilize the SmartSpine in your approach to Pilates session for clients with Scoliosis
  • Every teacher has their own specialties in working with others, one of Laura’s specialties is to help you discover how work you already do could be even more beneficial for your clients!
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Workbook Download (training not included)

  • The Workbook is 40 pages that you can use as an example to begin to make your own model for how you work with clients living with Scoliosis. And yes, Laura’s programming for a successful session design is in this workbook!
  • Laura’s vision is to work with practitioner’s begin to offer a client-centered approach to replace hyperfocus on the condition which can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and depression for clients living with a debilitating condition. The workbook is also written from Laura’s perspective as a woman actually living with severe Scoliosis. While taking her work very seriously presenting information separate from her experience Laura’s other goal is to focus on what the client does well and showing them how this is their key to unlocking their body’s potential. This profound experience allows people to learn the power of driving their own care process, movement, and self-healing. While choosing conservative treatment and care for Scoliosis is difficult it has been a fruitful journey in her life and others.




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