Why SmartSpine means so much to me

Back in 2014, I attended  Mari-José Blom’s workshop that explores Scoliosis and Pilates. She shared her approach and invention Smart Spine System Wellness System and its application for Scoliosis.

I was a demonstration model for parts of the 2-day workshop. It’s fantastic to attend any workshop with a master teacher, but to go through the exercises with Marie-José was amazing. Marie-José has a presence that beams with experience and refined knowledge of the body. She combines this with serious expectations. Her teaching demonstrates the inner workings of Scoliosis and how to work with clients with varying degrees of curvature. Movement principles of Pilates were used to create relief, strength, and release.

I was excited to be a teaching model for MJ at the workshop. This was an immense learning experience. As I look at these photos and remember the movements I enjoy remembering all the learning I have put into my body.  I’m so grateful for putting to use the connection I have gained through Pilates.  I’m also so grateful for my friend Sydney Craig who has played huge a role in my working with the SmartSpines System.

Something I will remember is MJ telling me  ” I’m proud of you” following a demonstration of release work on my spine with the SmartSpine developed by her. These words of encouragement are priceless to anyone, and they were immensely powerful for me to hear. These are words I hope to continually give to my clients and the Pilates community at large.

My journey with Pilates and Scoliosis will always be ongoing, and the memory of this workshop keeps me going.

You can learn more about the SmartSpine Wellness System here.