Sensing and Energy in Pilates


Epiphanies are chock full of inspiration. Epiphanies usually inspire us to make changes. Or at least reveal changes we would like to make. I’ve written before about mediation and wellness, but today I’d like to add our senses to that discussion.

I’ll also be plugging the word energy into the mix.

The Idea

As people who want to keep moving, we deserve a satisfying connection to our bodies.

Allowing space for our epiphanies is the initial step. That space looks like using your senses to determine where you are. Next, using it to determine where you would like to be. And both of these could be in relation to your health.

Let’s use an exercise to see what I mean.

The Exercise

Try sitting and enjoying a deep exhale.

See if your senses or energy help you pinpoint any request from yourself. Once you’ve clarified with yourself your need pause.

Next, we need to create a transition. Stand.

Now, Begin to walk around.

While you are walking also listen to your body.

It is through your sensation of patterns and the feeling of bones gliding as you walk that you are able to both acknowledge and provide your body’s request.

Now, carefully consider any presence of feedback. And now, return to your seated initial exhaling posture.


The idea is that because you  are attaching the feeling of a “need for action” with actual action through small movement your are beginning to train your senses and energy to aid your in having more epiphanies and bringing them into action.

There is a similar rhythm of acknowledgment and exercise in my selection of Pilates movements. As a result, these rhythms happen to relate to kinesiology. And now, I can see where the body might prefer movement.  In addition, we are able to decipher which movements

are for relief and strengthening.

This all circles back around to our ability to recognize what we would like to move. This is what makes each of my clients their own experts. This is a way moving can clear the way to sensing what our bodies need.

So Why not embrace it?

At this point in our very evolved history, there is no need to ignore emotional stress. Especially while working with our muscles and movement of the human body. I’m not a clinician, so I will leave the major points of psychological study to the professionals.

If you’re feeling this direction could be for you I would suggest trying body scanning. When you apply body scans to your pilates workout it is very likely to help create needed physical changes.

Pilates movement is a time to tune in and take care of yourself, and this is a priceless gift. Pilates offers focus, confidence, stress relief, and strength.

Come Work with Me and Give it a try!

Another Resource: Check out Lauren Walker and her lovely work Energy Yoga