Client Interview with Scoliosis

One of my lovely clients has been so kind as to talk with me and create this video to share with you what the experience of working with me is like.


I have to say,  it was such a treat to hear Yanbin’s perspective on moving with scoliosis! please check out our conversation to hear this fabulous woman’s conversation with me about personally exploring scoliosis combined with what it is like to work with me one on one. I have had the pleasure of working with her in-studio and online and you will get to hear in the video her direct and honest perspective about working with me online.

Yanbin inspires me so much! Her movement interests and skills are so interconnected. And her humility and grace light up the studio when I get to work with her.
She was so kind and strong to help me to explore these tough topics that she has so clearly but her intention toward in her own practice.

I love hearing her speak about movement and her journey.

I hope you will honor our journey together and message me if you have opinions about teaching or exploring you are doing yourself.

Use the contact form if I can assist you with any questions about working with me.

Please use the Scoliosis Resource page for my scoliosis research suggestions.

Warm wishes!