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Laura is a Pilates Instructor and SmartSpine Educator in Chattanooga, TN. Check out her blog to learn more about her practice and wellness concepts.

Nourish your Body

Creating a focus to nourish your body type and health needs is the best ways to connect with your body, combat illness, and optimize your digestion and nutrition. I know this can be a daunting topic so take a deep breath and let's go here with an exploratory focus. The [...]

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Hip Opener for Desk Workers

A Popular question...should I stretch my hip flexors? The short answer is no. However, you can create an opening in your hips that is safe for your personal lordotic curve in your lower back. It's all about introducing a safe posture that also respects your alignment challenges while [...]

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Desk Break Self Care

All you need to do this movement is a wall and the ability to balance.     Hey There, Thanks for checking out the site. Below are some short explanations and demo photos to help you with this progression. If you have 5 minutes between projects during your [...]

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Having a home set up that meets your needs for props and appropriate equipment for your height, weight, and movement needs is essential to work with your body as opposed to working against a setup. In the studio part of our time together involves my planning and set up for [...]

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New Client Welcome Information

Click this Link to download the  Welcome_Packet.   The picture below is a sample from the Welcome Packet. It addresses typical questions, helps you be prepared for your Client Consultation, and gives you an idea of what to expect in future sessions. I designed my sessions so that you can [...]

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Managing Chronic Pain

Why Self Management, vocabulary, and being your own expert is important Listen to this short podcast with Dr. David Hanscom of Back in Control host Dr. David David Tauben to discuss the patient-focused model for self-managing your chronic pain.  I was thrilled with many of their points. Among them, their promotion of [...]

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Art and Movement Podcast Episode with Movement Bottega

Movement Bottega Interview Explore my conversation with Missoni Lanza on her new podcast Movement Bottega.      Click here to listen on Spotify  

Client Interview: What is it like to work with Laura?

One of my lovely clients has been so kind as to talk with me and create this video to share with you what the experience of working with me is like.   I have to say,  it was such a treat to hear Yanbin's perspective on moving with scoliosis! please [...]

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Online Private Wellness Training

Online Sessions The Way Forward for Pilates&Scoliosis     Hello Everyone, I hope you are healthy and keeping safe during the last few months while the world has been experiencing so much. I wanted to share that like all of you I am adjusting to the new normal of working [...]

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Visualization of Stability

You're never far from where you need to be. I hope you enjoy this guided visualization with me and invite you to begin building your own practice of stillness and visualization as part of your own wellness practice. perspective is its own type of healing and I have found [...]

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